SMIGHT Air easy

Public Wi-Fi inside of buildings



SMIGHT air easy is the perfect addition to streetlight and hotspot for indoors and is easily connected to your own Internet connection.

Once logged into a SMIGHT public Wi-Fi network you can surf in any SMIGHT network without having to register again.

SMIGHT Air easy

Whether for business or pleasure - people are connected away from home like never before. The demands on Internet connections have also risen. It must be constantly available and as quickly as possible. Therefore, the comfort of a domestic network in places such as bars, cafés and waiting rooms is particularly attractive for both customers and operators. With SMIGHT Air easy, you have now the opportunity to offer your guests high-speed surfing in your company.

SMIGHT Air easy makes quick and easy provision of a public Wi-Fi possible in indoor areas. Secure surfing by users on their Internet-capable end devices is just as easy as for the operator. SMIGHT Air easy can be installed in just a few minutes by installing it on your own, existing Internet connection.

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The amount of radiation emitted by our antennas in SMIGHT Base is identical to your Wi-Fi router at home. Maximum radiation is set by law and is not exceeded by us. Furthermore, the transmission rate from Wi-Fi antennas is conceivably low:
The SMIGHT Wi-Fi networks are dual-band Wi-Fi-mesh networks in frequency ranges of 2 GHz and 5 GHz. The transmission rate is 100 mW in the 2 GHz band and up to max. 1 W in the 5 GHz band. This means that the transmission rates are clearly within the valid EIRP limits (specified by the Federal Network Agency) and do not differ from the transmission rates of standard Wi-Fi routers as used millions of times over in homes.
On account of these low transmission rates, the German Federal Office for Radiation Protection has determined: "26. BlmSchV shall not apply to these radio transmitters due to the low transmission rates for both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi."

In comparison:
Mobile phone base stations transmit with a transmission rate of up to 50 W per antenna. The actual mobile phones achieve up to 2 W!
Based on this information, we believe that Wi-Fi networks reduce the pollution caused by radiation. If a smartphone user uses a Wi-Fi connection for mobile data traffic, he is subjected to much lower radiation levels than doing the same via a mobile service.

We also refer to the specialist brochure from LUBW.
Differing views and opinions may occasionally be held and will be gratefully received. However, we assume that there is no health risk caused by Wi-Fi based on this information.

The range in a room is 5-25 m.

It depends on the speed available from the local broadband connection. We would recommend a connection with a maximum transmission rate of 50 Mbit/s, which is a very comfortable speed for public Wi-Fi networks. Because we work with high-quality components, we could achieve higher transmission rates if permitted by the local broadband network. However, this would be subject to a surcharge because the network operators charge higher costs for higher transmission rates.

We accept so-called interference liabiliity on your behalf. Users must register in our Wi-Fi networks so that we can provide this liability. Only the municipal and SMIGHT homepages can be accessed without registration. These pages are linked on the login page.

The user reaches a login page after selecting the network on the respective mobile end device.

The SMIGHT Wi-FI is an Internet access point via a wireless network and is not wired. The data on the end device is therefore as secure as the technical possibilities of the software and hardware. The unencrypted transmission of data through the air is generally easier for data thieves to intercept than wired transmission. Therefore sensitive applications such as online banking is not advised via Wi-FI networks outside of your own four walls. By the way, it is an issue for the service provider (e.g. Facebook, e-mail) to secure end-to-end transmission. SMIGHT provides you with interference liability beyond this.