SMIGHT Base powercharger

Intelligent charging station for the surface



You can provide intelligent charging options anywhere by using SM!GHT Base powercharger.

Charging Points

Make E-mobility possible. No matter whether you would like to use standard plugs (Schuko) or quick charge plugs Type 2 with up to 22 kW, SMIGHT Base powercharger offers two individually fittable charging points.


Only public Wi-Fi can meet the current demands on mobile internet connection. Fast, unlimited and free. Public Wi-Fi via LAN, LTE or glass fiber.

Parking Space Occupancy

The parking space occupancy sensors by SMIGHT provide you with the latest status of the charging station’s parking spaces. By using the sensors, you can inform yourself easily and in real-time whether the parking space in front of your charging station is occupied and whether the parked vehicle is currently charging.

SMIGHT Base powercharger

SMIGHT base Powercharger is the compact loading solution for the area. With two charging points, elegant design and individually adjustable design lighting, the charging can be integrated in any location. In addition to the usual advantages of our public-Wi-Fi, the sensors for parking space allocation always provide you with an up-to-date overview of whether the loading area is occupied.


The integrated charging stations allows fast and comfortable charging of electric vehicles.

Parking Space Occupancy

The optional sensors provide information whether the parking space in front of the charging station is occupied.


Only Public Wi-Fi can meet the current demands on mobile internet connection. Fast, unlimited and free.

With a height of only 1.70 meters, SMIGHT Base powercharger does not only offer a compact design. With 2 charging points, integrated Wi-Fi hotspot and parking space occupancy sensors, you are well equipped for the start of the future’s electromobility.


› Quick charging station for electric vehicles
› Wi-Fi
› 10“ color display
› Detection of parked vehicles which are not charging

Technical Details

› Compact solution with single band (2.4 GHz)
› Wi-Fi standard 802.11 a/b/g/n (up to 72 Mbit/s)
Flexible internet connection via LAN or LTE
› Up to 200 concurrent users
› Parking Space Occupancy
› Charging capacity up to 22 kW - Type 2, 3.5 kW - standard plug (Schuko)
› Charging modes: mode 1 and mode 3 with dynamic load management (networked)
› Authentification via RFID
› Direct display of charging energy, charging time and obtained amount of energy
› Prepared for ISO 15118 (Smart Charging)

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