SM!GHT Base station

Multifunctional Charging Station

SM!GHT BASE IN BRIEF: The SM!GHT Base station is the perfect choice where light is not necessary or a low height is required. NO ENLIGHTENMENT, JUST PURE ENTHUSIASM.


Discover the functions of the SM!GHT Base station and use our configurator to compile your individual product.

Charging Points

Make E-mobility possible. No matter whether you would like to use standard plugs (Schuko) or quick charge plugs Type 2 with up to 22 kW, SM!GHT Base tower offers two individually fittable charging points. 


Only public Wi-Fi can meet the current demands on mobile internet connection. Fast, unlimited and free. Public Wi-Fi via LAN, LTE or glass fiber.

Emergency Call

The integrated emergency call function connects directly to the nearest emergency call center within a few seconds.

Environmental Sensors

A variety of sensors provide data that serve as a basis for improving the ecobalance: temperature, humidity, noise, fine dust, ozone, CO2, brightness.

Gärtrinken, Germany, uses SM!GHT Base station

SM!GHT Base station

The SM!GHT Base station represents compactness. The well-known SM!GHT benefits can still be reaped, even is lighting is not required. This version can also be individually equipped for ideal use as a charging station, emergency call post or Wi-Fi hotspot. The SM!GHT Base station subtly blends in with the cityscape and offers additional features to impress, alongside public Wi-FI, (quick) charging station for E-vehicles and emergency call!


Only Public Wi-Fi can meet the current demands on mobile internet connection. Fast,
unlimited and free.


Electric vehicles can be recharged within a very short time with 3.5 or 22 kW.


The integrated emergency call function connects directly to the nearest emergency call
center within a few seconds.

Environmental Sensors

A variety of sensors provide data that serve as a basis for improving the ecobalance of a


The advantages of the SM!GHT Base station can be seen wherever the SM!GHT Base is not used for lighting. With a height of only 2.40 meters, this variant offers
all the functionalities of SM!GHT Base.


 Emergency call
› Quick Charging station for electric vehicles
 Environmental sensors (visualization on display)
 5" color display
 2-line display (included with integrated charging post)
 Detection of parked vehicles in front of the pole which are not charging

Technical Details

 Compact solution with single band (2.4 GHz)
 Wi-Fi standard 802.11 a/b/g/n (up to 72 Mbit/s)
› Flexible internet connection via LAN or LTE
› Up to 200 concurrent users (shown on display)
› Up to 24 hours service via GSM
› Temperature, humidity, air pressure, noise, brightness, fine dust, optional ozone and CO2
› Charging capacity up to 22 kW - Type 2, 3.5 kW - standard plug (Schuko)
› Charging modes: mode 1 and mode 3 with dynamic load management (networked)
› Authentification via RFID
› Direct display of charging energy, charging time and obtained amount of energy
› Prepared for ISO 15118 (Smart Charging)

Download product sheet for SM!GHT Base station



The following sensors are contained in the pole free of charge as standard: Temperature, air pressure, air humidity, brightness (depending on variants) and volume. CO², ozone and fine dust sensors can be optionally added. If you are interested in prepared data, this can be provided for a small service charge. Data processes and statistics as well as comparisons with other SM!GHT Bases are also possible at all times.

The initial plan is to store the data indefinitely and provide it accordingly to the respective customer.


The amount of radiation emitted by our antennas in SM!GHT Base is identical to your Wi-Fi router at home. Maximum radiation is set by law and is not exceeded by us. Furthermore, the transmission rate from Wi-Fi antennas is conceivably low:
The SM!GHT Wi-Fi networks are dual-band Wi-Fi-mesh networks in frequency ranges of 2 GHz and 5 GHz. The transmission rate is 100 mW in the 2 GHz band and up to max. 1 W in the 5 GHz band. This means that the transmission rates are clearly within the valid EIRP limits (specified by the Federal Network Agency) and do not differ from the transmission rates of standard Wi-Fi routers as used millions of times over in homes.
On account of these low transmission rates, the German Federal Office for Radiation Protection has determined: "26. BlmSchV shall not apply to these radio transmitters due to the low transmission rates for both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi."

In comparison:
Mobile phone base stations transmit with a transmission rate of up to 50 W per antenna. The actual mobile phones achieve up to 2 W!
Based on this information, we believe that Wi-Fi networks reduce the pollution caused by radiation. If a smartphone user uses a Wi-Fi connection for mobile data traffic, he is subjected to much lower radiation levels than doing the same via a mobile service.

We also refer to the specialist brochure from LUBW.
Differing views and opinions may occasionally be held and will be gratefully received. However, we assume that there is no health risk caused by Wi-Fi based on this information.

This depends on the local conditions. Buildings or even bends play a role for example. The range is then between approx. 50 m and 70 m.

It depends on the speed available from the local broadband connection. We would recommend a connection with a maximum transmission rate of 50 Mbit/s, which is a very comfortable speed for public Wi-Fi networks. Because we work with high-quality components, we could achieve higher transmission rates if permitted by the local broadband network. However, this would be subject to a surcharge because the network operators charge higher costs for higher transmission rates.

We accept so-called interference liabiliity on your behalf. Users must register in our Wi-Fi networks so that we can provide this liability. Only the municipal and SM!GHT homepages can be accessed without registration. These pages are linked on the login page.

The user reaches a login page after selecting the network on the respective mobile end device.

The SM!GHT Wi-FI is an Internet access point via a wireless network and is not wired. The data on the end device is therefore as secure as the technical possibilities of the software and hardware. The unencrypted transmission of data through the air is generally easier for data thieves to intercept than wired transmission. Therefore sensitive applications such as online banking is not advised via Wi-FI networks outside of your own four walls. By the way, it is an issue for the service provider (e.g. Facebook, e-mail) to secure end-to-end transmission. SM!GHT provides you with interference liability beyond this.


You will be connected directly to an emergency call center via intercom. You can then describe your emergency. The responsible dispatcher is also able to help you initiate first aid measures.


All conventional electric vehicles can generally be charged. Electric cars can be "fueled" using a standard socket (Schucko) or IEC 62196 Type 2 (commonly referred to as a Type 2 Mennekes plug) socket depending on the SM!GHT features.

This depends on the respective operator of the charging station. All SM!GHT Base charging points are initially free of charge for electric car driver.

> Hold your RFID card against the card sensor to authenticate.
> Wait until authentication has been successful.
> Connect your vehicle.
> Your vehicle will now be charged.
> Check whether a vehicle is connected to both charging points if a charging point error occurs.


  1. Is the green LED on the charging point illuminated? If so, the charging station is ready to charge. There is a technical problem or the station is in the maintenance mode if a green LED cannot be seen. Charging is unfortunately not possible at the moment.
  2. It can take some time until the charging controllers have communicated with each other and activated the voltage. Please wait approx. 1 minute.
  3. Please remove your plug on the car (release the plug using the car if necessary), also pull the plug out of the SM!GHT charging station and try to charge again (refer to charging manual).

This depends on two factors. Your vehicle plays an important role because it determines what amount of energy can be "fueled". The SM!GHT charging station generally provides charging energy of up to 22 kW.

Example charging times:
VW e-Golf: approx. 6.4 hours from 0% to 80%
Renault ZONE: approx. 1 hour from 0% to 80%

  Charging station does not work - no charging possible.
  Failure of public Wi-FI - no connection possible.
  SOS button does not work - it is not possible to connect to the emergency call center.
  Vandalism to the pole.