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IoT is no longer relevant only for industrial applications. With our IoT platform SMIGHT IQ, we manage 350 million data records that we receive from over 1,500 installed devices. An incredible potential that we use to provide our customers with valuable analysis on their way to becoming a Smart City.

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Core of our data services is our in-house developed IoT platform SMIGHT IQ (IoT: Internet of Things). All collected data is aggregated and stored here so that it is available for direct use. We are currently managing 350 million data records from more than 1,500 of our customer’s devices, with 25 million records being added every month.

As the server infrastructure hosted in Germany meets highest standards of data protection and data security, we can guarantee that your data is always in safe hands.

By utilizing an agile development process and a high degree of automation, we provide stable performance and optimal scalability of the platform.

Our full-service package also includes permanent device monitoring by always keeping an eye on your installed hardware. For some applications, independent parameterization of the sensors by the customer is also possible. Remote update capability of the devices through an established Bosch software solution ensures that they are always up to date.

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Our promise is to supply you with exact real-time data providing transparency of your city’s traffic situation or the distribution grid’s capacity utilization. The service visualizing your data is our SMIGHT IQ web portal. Pre-selected by algorithms, a clear presentation of the recorded sensor data is available here – whenever and wherever you want.

Besides being able to perform individual data analyses, you can export the measured data in CSV format at any time and use them for further applications. It is also possible to generate alerts for notifying you when limit values are exceeded in order to always keep you informed about critical states. The web portal is user-friendly and easy to operate. Furthermore, individual training and consulting as well as our second level support for all process modules guarantee a smooth workflow in administrating and using your data.


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Wherever possible, our team of highly specialized developers and software architects uses open source software and standard formats (e. g. JSON, SSL encryption, MQTT) to ensure that our systems are as interoperable as possible. A secure and fast link of your systems to ours for transferring raw data easily and at any time is thus possible.

We have already successfully connected numerous other platforms with SMIGHT IQ as part of cooperations.

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