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People nowadays are connected through mobile services more than ever before. By using our WiFi solutions, you can offer the convenience of a home Internet connection while on the move.

Home is where you
automatically connect
to the WiFi.

Checking e-mails on the road, sharing selfies or reading news in a café – nowadays, a good Internet connection is an essential part of everyday life. As a modern service, Public WiFi is the beginning, the first part of the central nervous system ofpublic infrastructure. It is the basis for integrating, networking and controlling of future technologies.

Whether outdoors or indoors, large areas or selectively. The SMIGHT Air portfolio  includingproducts such as Air Streetlight, Air Easy and Air Hotspot offers the optimal solution for every requirement. Because Public WiFi not only contributes to a positive image of municipalities, companies and shops, but also ensures satisfied and returning customers.

Individual solutions for
your location

Air Streetlight

Air Streetlight offers the optimal possibility to unobtrusivelyintegrate Public WiFi into the cityscape by simply installing the routers in existing streetlight poles.

Air Easy

Air Easy enables Public WiFi indoors. By using your own existing Internet connection, the modules can be installed in a few minutes.

Air Hotspot

Air Hotspot allows to offer Public WiFi in both indoor and outdoor areas. With this option it is possible to cover large areas like swimming pools or parks.

Advantages of



Based on yourrequirements, various installation and range options are possible. This way your Public WiFi can be optimally adapted to your needs.


When installing we use existing infrastructure and avoid excavations. Access to the Public WiFi is possible with a one-time registration.


Interference liability and content filtering are covered by SMIGHT. Therefore, you are not responsible for any legal violations of your WiFi users.


As a modern service, Public WiFi contributes to a positive image. If desired, we create an individual landing page for you, on which you can integrate local advertising partners.

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