SMIGHT Service



We advise you professionally in order to make your city smarter and to prepare it for the future!

Project planning

SMIGHT is your central contact, coordinates all necessary service providers and ensures the necessary coordination with offices. We provide provide you with an all-round carefree package:

› Civil engineering foundation
› Cable 0.4 kV connection
› Streetlighting supply lines
› Transport SMIGHT Base product
› Installation
› Commissioning

Operation and support

We offer full service in the context of operation and organization of following points:

› After sale service
› Operating the equipment
› Management of SMIGHT products
› Maintenance
› Repair service
› Service hotline:
Monday - Friday 08:00-17:00
Tel. +49 721 72586 450

SMIGHT Air Family

Air streetlight

  Air streetlight technical details
  Air streetlight product sheet

Air hotspot

  Air hotspot product sheet

Air easy

  Air easy product sheet

Tools traffic

  Tools traffic product sheet

Tools parking

  Tools parking product sheet

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