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Traffic in cities is steadily increasing. Our traffic management solution SMIGHT Traffic helps you to maintain control. With real-time data on traffic events, we provide you with the basis for demand-oriented traffic planning and management.

Optimizing traffic

More road users, increasing commuter flows, road closures – not only large cities, but also medium-sized and small towns are increasingly struggling with congested streets. Here in particular, the proportion of daily car users and hence the volume of traffic is very high. Combined with suburbanization and lack of public transport services, the problem becomes more urgent for the affected cities.

However, only less than 10 % of German cities with up to 100,000 inhabitants use a traffic management system. Yet there is great potential in the collection of traffic-related data. Knowing what is happening on your streets allows you to identify traffic jam hotspots and other problems early on. The analysis of traffic-related data thus provides real added value in deriving individual measures for traffic planning.


Individual &
modular – the
optimal solution
for your city


SMIGHT Traffic uses intelligent sensor technology and provides real-time traffic data. The collected data is further processed by using interfaces and transferred to e. g. digital traffic signs in order to control traffic dynamically. Due to the sensor system’s flexible attachment as a retrofit kit to existing street lighting poles, complex and costly construction measures are not necessary. The modular concept of SMIGHT Traffic allows you to expand it at any time to meet your individual needs.

3 steps to
smart mobility

Step 1:

In order to plan traffic with foresight, it is necessary to collect current data. Using a simple process, intelligent traffic sensor technology enables data collection with minimum effort.

Step 2:

Once the measured data has been recorded, it is pooled and processed on our in-house developed IoT platform SMIGHT IQ. You receive meaningful analyses and statistics that can be accessed at any time.

Step 3:

Now it is your turn: Based on the data you can derive need-oriented measures to optimally control traffic in your city. Thanks to our open system architecture, transferring data to third-party platforms is possible at any time.

One solution,
numerous functions


Vehicle counting and classification

Thermal imaging sensors are used to count vehicles on up to 8 lanes. Counted vehicles can be assigned to up to 5 different vehicle classes.

Traffic flow and dynamic traffic counting

Traffic flow can be analyzed and divided in up to 5 states (moving to stagnant). Based on the traffic flow data, traffic guidance with digital signs can be performed in real time.

Route and travel time recording

Thermal imaging sensors enable the recording of driving routes including an origin and destination analysis. In relation to the route covered, travel times of road users can be determined.


The average speed of each vehicle category can be recorded.

Bike Counting

In addition to cars, trucks and motorized two-wheelers, non-motorized traffic can also be recorded on e. g. bike lanes or separate cycle paths by using thermal imaging sensors.

Advantages of
SMIGHT Traffic

  • Flexible choice of location by using existing infrastructure
  • No ground works necessary – discreet integration into the cityscape
  • High accuracy and weather independence of sensor technology
  • Low costs due to mobile communications
  • Data protection compliant real-time recording
  • Data visualization and analysis in the SMIGHT IQ web portal

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