SMIGHT IQ Copilot: Temporarily reducing loads based on data in accordance with Section 14a EnWG


The best kind of intervention in accordance with 14a EnWG is the intervention that does not need to be made.

If it is unavoidable, however, distribution system operators can now use SMIGHT Grid2 to record, identify and eliminate bottlenecks to the full extent using the proven sensor technology.

SMIGHT Grid2 provides the transparency needed to react before the grid reaches a critical state.

If the need to take action cannot be avoided, our SMIGHT IQ Copilot solution represents a pragmatic way of doing so – for the first time, without having to bring in a complex digital grid model and expensive software.

MEASURE with SMIGHT Grid2 sensor technology


What you measure you don’t need to estimate. However, you don’t need to measure everything, everywhere, all at once.

What: Current, voltage, and phase angle.

Where: Only where load issues exist.

When: Deploy sensors in a steady roll-out as demand increases.

INTERPRET with the SMIGHT Grid2 Cockpit


Produce insights out of data.

Prioritise: Find out where you need to apply your limited resources.

Utilise: Identify how to fully exploit your existing assets and infrastructure.

Estimate: Use your measured data to produce more accurate estimations of what you don’t measure.

ACT with the SMIGHT IQ Copilot


Turn insights into reality.

Reinforce and develop your grid.

Deploy flexibility and load management where and when it is needed.

Connect more customers to your network.

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