Monteur bei der Installation von SMIGHT Grid2

The most frequently

We have compiled the most frequently asked questions about our IoT solution SMIGHT Grid2 from conversations with grid operators and from the discussion rounds of our webinars. Our aim is to help you understand how SMIGHT Grid2 works.

For a quick overview, we have divided our FAQ into categories.

Questions about functionality,
installation & operation

SMIGHT Grid2 is a complete solution. In addition to the hardware (sensors & gateway), this includes the transmission, storage, processing and visualization of the measurement data. Regular reports with processed data give you further insights into your entire grid area. The devices are continuously monitored by SMIGHT. Software updates can be carried out over-the-air if required.

The sensor is connected to 4 hinged core transformers via a cable whip, which are attached to the 4 outlets. The sensor is attached to the cable sheath using cable ties. The sensor is powered via energy harvesting from the converters. This eliminates the need for complex cabling or auxiliary power supply.

Our gateway can detect up to 20 sensors. For stations with more than 20 outlets, we recommend installing two gateways.

SMIGHT Grid2 determines the effective value of the current in four phases and the rail voltage in one phase. In addition, the flow direction is determined so that feed-in is also visible in the data visualization.

When installing the system, the focus is on simplicity. We therefore use the voltage of the socket to which the gateway is connected. We recalculate the unmeasured phases using a phase angle of 120° and thus determine the load flow direction for all 3 phases.

Our system has been designed so that the hardware can be installed by your own staff during operation. This takes less than an hour and is supported by an app. If required, we will be happy to assist you with the initial installation.

SMIGHT Grid2 wurde von unseren Kunden bereits in Kabelverteilern eingebaut. Die beschränkten Platzverhältnisse stellen kein Problem dar. Die Spannungsversorgung des Gateways erfolgt i.d.R. durch kundeneigene Installation direkt an den Sicherungsleisten. 

SMIGHT takes full responsibility for the operation of the hardware. We continuously monitor its functionality and data transmission. In the event of malfunctions, we can intervene remotely and install updates over the air.

We offer network operators an 8-week test run (pilot project). If you are interested, please contact us.

Questions about data transmission

The installed sensors send their measurement data to a gateway installed centrally in the station. This sends the data to our IoT backend using an integrated SIM card and mobile communications. A secure VPN channel is used here.

SIM cards are required for data transmission. These are already included in the scope of delivery and installed in the gateways. The mobile phone charges incurred are billed via the monthly operating costs.

Questions about cloud & data storage

It is a pure cloud solution. This simplifies the connection to other systems enormously and multiplies the possibilities for data usage.

The data is stored on our IoT platform as long as the solution is actively used by our customers. Hosting is handled by a certified data center in Frankfurt.

Only the respective user and SMIGHT have access to the measurement data.

The data can be exported at any time via a CSV export from the SMIGHT IQ web portal. It is also possible to connect to other systems via a programmable interface.

You don’t have to worry about security: Stored in a German data center (ISO 27001), we provide you with password-protected access to your data. We will be happy to provide you with all the necessary information for your ISMS certification and answer your security questions.

Questions about connecting other systems

Yes, there is an open programmable interface (standard API) with which we have already established connections to GIS and other relevant systems for several customers. The interface is published here.  

Yes, the common control system manufacturers have gateways on the software side that can translate our data and at the same time form a firewall between the control system and the “Internet world”. This allows the data to be used by the control room.

The measured values collected can also be transferred to other visualization systems. This happens after transmission to the IoT platform.

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