Data visualization in the SMIGHT IQ Cockpit


The SMIGHT IQ Cockpit brings together all relevant information from your local transformer stations and cable distributors in one central interface that is both clear and user-friendly. Thanks to up-to-the-minute data transmission, you can keep track of the current status of your grid at all times and proactively respond to any changes.

Detailed views: You get direct access to detailed series of measurements for each phase and feeder, giving you deep insights into how the grid is performing.

Traffic light system: An intuitive concept using traffic light colors indicates the load and helps you to focus on critical areas.

Immediate measures: Based on the data collected, you can make instant and informed decisions to maintain stability and efficiency in the low-voltage grid.

Reports and notifications


If the threshold values you have set are exceeded, you will be notified by e-mail. This enables you to identify any anomalies in the grid in a timely manner and, if necessary, take quick and targeted action and monitor developments on the data side.

You will also automatically receive the SMIGHT IQ monthly report as a PDF by e-mail, giving you and your team a regular overview of the most heavily used stations and feeders.

The monthly report is also a useful addition to the SMIGHT IQ Cockpit for documentation and communication purposes within the company.

Open yet secure

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Stored in a German data center (ISO 27001), we place the password-protected data at your disposal.

Grid calculation tools, GIS or other systems can be easily connected via a programmable standard interface (REST API). The data thus serves as a basis for improved grid models and simulations. We have already successfully worked on projects with providers such as envelio, VENIOS and PSIngo.

Simply get in touch with us – together we will find a solution.

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