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SMIGHT Grid2 Sensoren in einer Ortsnetzstation

Based on these three strands, SMIGHT has created a comprehensive solution for low-voltage grids: SMIGHT Grid2. 

Our plug-and-play retrofit solution for local transformer stations and cable distributors helps you to successfully master the challenges of the energy transition. From sensor technology and suitable web-based data visualization (software) to personal service and support, along with load management (software) in accordance with Section 14a of the German Energy Industry Act (EnWG), you will get a comprehensive solution for the low-voltage grid. 

Start digitalizing your existing infrastructure now. Discover what moves your grid – now and in the future. 

Our comprehensive solution comprises: 

  1. SMIGHT sensor technology (measurement technology)  
  1. SMIGHT IQ Cockpit (data visualization) 
  1. SMIGHT IQ Copilot (load manager in accordance with Section 14a EnWG) 

Make the variables in your grid more manageable

Arbeiten an der Ortsnetzstation

The energy transition, and particularly the growth of PV power plants, has been presenting grid operators with new challenges. The demands placed on the low-voltage grids are rising. Grid operators need to know where and how the load is changing in order to enable them to expand and operate their grids effectively. It is therefore essential to be able to collect reliable and comprehensive data from the low-voltage grid. 

SMIGHT Grid2 addresses this need and uses patented sensors and IoT technology to measure the current and voltage at local transformer stations and cable distribution cabinets. 

Grid operators can use SMIGHT Grid2 to determine with geographic precision over a wide area and in real time where power grids are reaching the limits of their capacity. 

SMIGHT Grid2 supports you in the following areas:

Bild einer Graphik aus der SMIGHT-IQ-Cloud
  • Strategic grid planning with live data 
  • Renewal of operating assets 
  • Precise load management 
  • Grid connection inquiries 
  • Operational decision-making on the basis of data 

SMIGHT Grid2 thus provides the basis for guaranteeing an optimal grid load and a successful energy transition – also in terms of regulatory challenges such as those posed by Section 14a EnWG. 

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