Measurements create
added value in the
low-voltage grid

Digitalizing grid operations is essential to the success of the energy transition. The data that our SMIGHT Grid2 solution obtains from the low-voltage grid helps to identify and understand typical load profile patterns. On this page you can find out how our customers are already using this data.

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Einbau in Ludwigsburg

Stadtwerke Ludwigsburg-Kornwestheim

Creating transparency | mastering change

Stadtwerke Ludwigsburg-Kornwestheim has managed to visualize the emerging changes in the low-voltage grid. With SMIGHT Grid2, they finally have the necessary data.

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Installation SMIGHT Grid2

Stadtwerke Fellbach

Enabling e-mobility | Grid connection issues

Stadtwerke Fellbach (SWF) is actively tackling the challenges of the energy transition. In addition to operating a large number of its own PV and CHP plants, this also includes expanding the grid.

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Stadtwerke Bad Wildbad

Towards the future | Securing supply

Stadtwerke Bad Wildbad is also observing the increase in e-mobility in the country and discussing the challenges facing grid operators as a result of the energy, mobility and heating transition.

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What you can do with data from the distribution grid:

SMIGHT Grid2 allows you to create transparency at low-voltage grid level. The data that we collect doesn’t end up in the archive, but is immediately processed, analyzed, and made available to you in graphic form. This gives you quick and easy insights into the load history of individual feeders and helps you to understand, for example, the specific impact of electric vehicle charging and PV feed-in. The behavior of new consumers such as heat pumps can also be viewed. You can identify anomalies and their frequency. Use these insights to digitalize your operations:

  • Base strategic grid planning on real-time data
  • Better prioritize the renewal of assets
  • Handle load management with precision
  • Process grid connection inquiries more quickly
  • Locate cable breaks and faults more quickly
  • Back up operational decisions with data

A glimpse of the distribution grid


As a grid operator, would you like to take a look at the live data of a low-voltage grid and see the cleverly visualized SMIGHT Grid2 measurement data? Then start our SMIGHT IQ demo now and see the intuitive operation of the software for yourself!

Do you want added value from low-voltage data?