Smart measurement technology: SMIGHT Grid2 Sensor

SMIGHT Grid2 Sensoren

The SMIGHT Grid2 sensor has been specially developed for the low-voltage grid and can be quickly and easily integrated into existing infrastructure (retrofit). Since the hardware requires little space, local transformer stations and cable distribution cabinets of all sizes can be upgraded. SMIGHT Grid2 is suitable for all types of stations, cable distributors and cross-sections. 

Safe working with no tangled cables: Our standard sensor is supplied with power by means of energy harvesting from transformers, eliminating the need for complex cabling. The inductive transformers serve as a measurement module and are attached to the cable sheath in a contactless process. 

There is no need to touch any live parts when installing and using SMIGHT sensor technology. As such, complex occupational health and safety processes associated with live-line working are unnecessary. 

The current’s effective value is determined once a minute by means of a four-phase recording taken from the high-frequency sampling of the flow. 

Smart measurement technology: SMIGHT Grid2 Sensor Flex


In addition to the standard sensor, we have developed Grid2 Sensor Flex. Due to the flexible nature of its Rogowski coils, it has proven its worth even in very tight installation situations, such as compact stations or cable distributors. Conductor cross-sections of up to 300 mm² are also no problem for Grid2 Sensor Flex. 

In contrast to the sensors with clamp-type current transformers that generate the energy required for their operation via energy harvesting, Grid2 Sensor Flex has a power supply unit. This is connected directly to a strip-type fuse switch disconnector using CONLOX terminals in the low-voltage distribution board. The terminals have a fuse with a 6A rated current and 70 kA breaking capacity. 

Data transfer, service and support

Bild vom eingebauten Gateway

The data is transferred wirelessly from the sensor to the gateway and from there via the mobile communications network to the SMIGHT IQ Cockpit, where the data is processed and visualized. 

During this process, our expert service team keeps a constant eye on everything, monitoring the transmission path as well as the devices and providing remote support if required. 

As a result, from the sensor technology and IoT platform to data visualization, you get a comprehensive solution from one single source, including service. 

The smart grid in four steps 

The hardware can be installed by your company’s own staff while operations continue. Support is available to the technician in the form of a specially developed app. By scanning the gateway and sensors (by means of a QR code), the hardware is assigned to the station set up in the Deviceadmin. 

The transmission of the measurement data simultaneously begins. The gateway and sensors are fully installed in less than an hour. This allows the system to be rolled out across the board within a short space of time. The data is already available for you to view 15 minutes after installation. 

Plug & play: with no IT project

GR Code scannen

The hardware can be installed by your company’s own staff in less than 60 minutes while operations continue. Commissioning is performed by a specially developed app that scans the QR codes on the devices and assigns them accordingly. This is what also makes SMIGHT Grid2 suitable for use across a wide area. 

The data is available for any number of users to view just 15 minutes after commissioning the hardware – both in the office and on the move using any mobile end device that can connect to the Internet. 

The SMIGHT IQ Cockpit gives you quick and clear insights into your grid and the individual stations. 

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