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The shift to alternative energy sources presents new challenges for grid operators. Our integrated solution SMIGHT Grid helps to master them successfully. Based on sensor and IoT technology, it enables to obtain data from the low-voltage grid.

Transparency in the
distribution grid for a
successful energy transition

In the upcoming years, the increase in electromobility and alternative energy concepts will cause both the share of consumers and the share of suppliers in the low-voltage grid to rise sharply. Especially today’s low-voltage grids are not prepared for the increase in electromobility. That´s why grid operators are considering new processes and technology.

To supply power at any time, an intelligent feed-in and load management is required in addition to a targeted grid expansion. However, no solution is currently available that collects the necessary data and makes it directly usable to grid operators. Existing approaches focus either on precise measurement technology without process integration or on generic IoT platforms without measurement devices.


Monitor grid loads
instead of getting surprised by it.


SMIGHT Grid collects data in the low-voltage grid and measures the effective value of the current at substations by applying new sensor and IoT technology. Using a simple process, operators can determine extensively, in real time and with geographical reference where grid capacity limits are reached. Thus, SMIGHT Grid enables targeted grid expansion, dynamic load management and lays the groundwork for a successful energy transition (German Energiewende).


In 3 steps to the
digital grid

Step 1:

In order to obtain transparency about grid load, the collection of measured data is of crucial importance for grid operators. You can integrate our patented sensor technology retrofitted into existing substations and cable distribution cabinets.

Step 2:

Data only becomes usable when it is clustered centrally. This happens on our in-house developed IoT platform SMIGHT IQ. This platform also enables us to monitor your devices and keep them up-to-date.

Step 3:

Now it’s your turn: You will receive the processed data from us in order to directly derive measures for a demand-oriented grid expansion. Thanks to our open system architecture transferring data to third-party platforms is possible at any time.

Advantages of


Patented grid sensor technology

The current sensor developed jointly with Netze BW GmbH can be installed universally and area-wide in existing infrastructures. The installation does not interfere with the running operation and can be installed by your own employees, supported by an app. An extensive wiring is not necessary.

Sensor Data as a Service

By using the SMIGHT Grid Gateway and state-of-the-art technology, we collect, store, aggregate and transfer the measured data securely encrypted via mobile network. Secured on our IoT platform hosted in Germany, we make the data available so you can use them immediately.

Open platform

Use our SMIGHT IQ web portal to visualize and analyze your measured data. Password-protected access takes place via any device with Internet access and browser. By using open interfaces and formats, the integration of platforms of other software providers is possible at any time.

process coverage

The grid of the future must be digital and smart. To strike a new path and master the energy transition successfully, the robust and area-wide collection of data from the low-voltage-grid is essential. Rely on SMIGHT Grid to handle it.

From sensor technology software, operation to data analysis, you receive a comprehensive solution from one hand. Our qualified service team offers training for your employees if required and supports you along the way to a digital grid.

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