Achieving the energy
transition with the
IoT in the grid.

The energy transition is taking place in the distribution grid and presenting grid operators with new challenges. Grid operations must become digital in order to be able to master them and react flexibly. Our integral SMIGHT Grid solution supplies the necessary data from the low-voltage grid and makes the grid smart.

Pressure on grid operators to act

The world of the energy supplier is changing. The task of supplying power has already changed massively as a result of the growth of renewable energy sources. The feed-in process fluctuates depending on weather and season. At the same time, new consumers in the form of electric vehicles and heat pumps are creating more dynamism in the grid – a change for which today’s low-voltage grids are not designed.

In order to prevent their grids from overloading, grid operators must now lay the foundations for a grid expansion based on need. It is essential to create transparency and collect data from the low-voltage grid in order to achieve this. Appropriate measures for optimizing grid operations can only be taken if it is known how much power is needed at certain times and certain places in the grid.

for the distribution grid


We address the need for robust and extensive recording of data from the low-voltage grid with an integral solution: SMIGHT Grid uses innovative sensors and IoT technology to measure the effective value of the current at local transformer stations and distribution cabinets.

Using a simple process, grid operators can geographically determine in real time where power grids are reaching the limits of their capacity. As such, we make it possible to upgrade specific sections of a grid, while also facilitating dynamic load management and ultimately helping to make the energy transition a success.

Three steps to
digital grid operations

Step 1:

Grid operators must collect data from the local grid in order to obtain transparency in relation to the grid load. Our patented sensor technology helps with this task and can be integrated into existing infrastructure.

Step 2:

The data then becomes useful once it has been centrally collated. This takes place on our SMIGHT IQ IoT platform, which has been developed in-house and is also used by us to monitor your devices and keep them up to date.

Step 3:

Now it is your turn: You receive the processed data from us to enable you to determine direct grid expansion measures based on need. Thanks to our open system, the data can be transferred to existing systems via interfaces.

Unbeatable benefits

Quick and easy installation

The SMIGHT Grid sensor has been specially developed to meet the process demands of operating staff. The installation can be performed by your company’s own staff in less than 60 minutes while operations continue and the process is supported by an app. There is no complex cabling.

Instant data availability

With the SMIGHT Grid gateway, we collect, store, aggregate and transmit the measurement data via the mobile communications network. We secure the data on our SMIGHT IQ IoT platform and make it available to you for immediate use. You can view and analyze the data online.

All from one single source

From the sensor technology and IoT platform to the data visualization and management, you get a full-service solution. We also keep an eye on your hardware using intelligent monitoring and supply it with regular updates. You do not need your own IT resources.

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