Stadtwerke Bad Wildbad digitalisieren ihr Verteilnetz

Stadtwerke Bad Wildbad keeps a close eye on the distribution grid

3. February 2022

Smart electricity grid sensors from SMIGHT are now continuously collecting data in the local distribution grid of the spa town of Bad Wildbad. This means that the municipal utility is always informed about the load in the grid and can detect changes at an early stage. The grid operator is thus optimally prepared for the challenges of the energy transition and can derive measures if necessary.

The impetus for the project came from a meeting with managing directors of other grid operators in Baden-Württemberg. During the exchange, Peter Buhl, Managing Director of Stadtwerke Bad Wildbad GmbH & Co. KG, learned about the SMIGHT solution and how other municipal utilities are already using it in their distribution grids.

Power grid under pressure

Bad Wildbad is also observing the increase in e-mobility in the country and discussing the challenges facing grid operators as a result of the energy, mobility and heating transition. The question of the actual grid load and the effects of an increasing number of e-vehicles, heat pumps and PV systems has not yet been answered.

“We don’t want to take any unnecessary risks here and want to maintain the high level of security of supply we have enjoyed so far,” says Peter Buhl, “That’s why we are already using SMIGHT Grid at this early stage of the energy transition to digitalize our grid and collect meaningful data.” The SMIGHT Grid IoT solution includes patented sensor technology that measures the current strength of low-voltage cables. The installation takes less than an hour per transformer station and was carried out by our own staff.

Data provides security

The measurement data is transmitted wirelessly from the station to an IoT platform using a gateway. SMIGHT takes care of this process step and the monitoring of the installed devices so that Stadtwerke Bad Wildbad can concentrate on analyzing and using the data. This data is available to the network operator in graphical form and can be accessed at any time via a secure web portal.

“The data we receive from 15 selected transformer stations gives us more certainty,” explains Peter Buhl. The measurements show that the load in the grid is currently still within the normal range. “We now have a very good insight into our grid, can recognize changes at an early stage and react accordingly.” Bad Wildbad feels well equipped for the future and can plan and operate the distribution grid with foresight thanks to this digitalization step.

Photo : The spa town of Bad Wildbad collects data from the distribution grid using smart electricity grid sensors from SMIGHT. Source: Stadtwerke Bad Wildbad