SMIGHT IQ Cockpit Quadrat

Everything in view: SMIGHT IQ becomes a low-voltage cockpit

16. January 2024

With the latest version of its web-based SMIGHT IQ software, Karlsruhe-based measurement solution provider SMIGHT is now offering distribution grid operators a ready-to-use low-voltage cockpit – without the need for a complex IT project. The minute-by-minute values measured in local network substations and cable distributors are processed in such a way that critical conditions and developments in the network are immediately visible. Numerous enhancements and improvements make SMIGHT IQ an intelligent cockpit that assists users in making data-based strategic and operational decisions: both in network operation and in network planning.

With the latest software version of SMIGHT IQ, grid operators who rely on SMIGHT Grid2 to measure low-voltage outgoing circuits now have a powerful and easy-to-use tool for monitoring their grids.

A quick glance is enough

The new network overview provides network planners and operations managers with an all-round view of all measured local network stations, feeders and phases: for any configurable period of time.

“Instead of time-consuming analyses of measurement series, a maximum of five minutes is all it takes to identify all critical incidents and conspicuous changes in the grid: no matter how large the grid is,” explains Oliver Deuschle, Managing Director of SMIGHT GmbH. “SMIGHT IQ becomes a low-voltage cockpit and can be used by users both for acute needs and as a trend barometer.”

Traffic light colors indicate how high the capacity utilization is in order to draw attention to imminent and existing bottlenecks. One click on the event is all it takes to access a detailed view of the measurement series for a transformer or outgoing circuit – even down to phase level and in one-minute resolution. This allows precise, quick and easy statements to be made about the utilization of individual feeders, stations or grid areas.

Regardless of the amount of data retrieved or the user’s location: the required information is available in milliseconds and optimized on the mobile device, even in the field.

Deployment without IT project effort – equipped for the future

No IT project is required to introduce the web-based SMIGHT Grid2 complete solution. Just 15 minutes after the measurement technology, consisting of sensors and gateway, has been installed in local network stations and cable distributors, users can access the data company-wide.

“Even if there is currently sufficient capacity in most grids due to the forward-looking grid expansion of recent decades, the ramp-up of electromobility and heat pumps will very soon lead to local and selective bottlenecks – for every grid operator,” explains Oliver Deuschle, Managing Director of SMIGHT GmbH. “The SMIGHT solution consisting of our sensor technology and the SMIGHT IQ Cockpit is also the ideal basis for identifying bottlenecks with regard to Section 14a EnWG – ideally before action is required.”

Progress on all levels

SMIGHT is constantly developing its hardware and software to meet the new legal and market challenges. Back in November, the Karlsruhe-based company presented a new supplementary sensor for difficult installation situations, the Grid2 Sensor Flex. The aim is to enable distribution grid operators to expand grid monitoring across the board and on a mass scale.

Experience SMIGHT IQ live
Customers and interested parties have the opportunity to get to know the new SMIGHT IQ live. In our webinar “SMIGHT IQ – Your cockpit for low voltage” on January 25, 2024 at 11 a.m.