Upgrade your distribution grid

Our integral SMIGHT Grid2 solution helps you to successfully master the challenges of the energy transition. With sensor technology, software and operation services through to complete data analysis, you get a comprehensive solution from one single source for digitalizing existing infrastructure.

Patented sensor technology

SMIGHT Grid2 Sensoren

Together with Netze BW, we have developed a current sensor that can quickly and easily be integrated (retrofitted) into existing infrastructure. Local substations and cable distribution boxes of all sizes can be upgraded because the hardware takes up little space.

Safe working with no tangled cables

The sensor is supplied with power by means of energy harvesting from transformers, eliminating the need for complex cabling. The inductive transformers serve as a measurement module and are attached to the cable sheath in a contactless process.
There is thus no need to touch any live parts, preventing the need for complex occupational health and safety processes associated with live-line working. The effective value of the current is recorded. It is a four-phase recording with a sensor measurement interval of 60 seconds.

Secure data transmission

Bild vom eingebauten Gateway

The SMIGHT Grid2 gateway has been specially designed for retrofitting in existing local transformer stations. It measures single-phase rail voltage and records the values from the installed sensors using radio technology. It gathers, stores and aggregates the measurement data before securely transmitting it via an integrated mobile communication modem to the back end of our SMIGHT IQ IoT platform.

Direct availability

The platform has been developed by us and is hosted in Germany. We secure your measurement data on it and make it available to you for instant use. As a grid operator, you therefore no longer have to worry about setting up your own infrastructure for data transmission and management. You can concentrate fully on analyzing your data and optimizing your grid operations.

Peace of mind – with our data services

Bild einer Graphik aus der SMIGHT-IQ-Cloud

Your measurement data is available on our SMIGHT IQ website just 15 minutes after installation. Access is password-protected via your browser. The data can be transferred to existing systems via programmable interfaces.

Keeping an eye on your devices

Our full-service package includes permanent device monitoring so that we can keep a constant eye on your installed sensors and gateways. We also monitor key device parameters, allowing us to react to a potential outage and prevent data gaps.

Always up to date

The devices’ remote updating ability further ensures that they are always up to date. Our support team can be contacted at any time and will ensure that your data is managed and utilized smoothly.

Four steps
to the smart grid

The hardware can be installed by your company’s own staff while operations continue. Support is available to the technician in the form of a specially developed app. By scanning the gateway and sensors, the hardware is assigned to the station set up in the Deviceadmin. The transmission of the measurement data simultaneously

begins. The gateway and sensors are fully installed in less than an hour. This allows the system to be rolled out across the board within a short space of time. The data is already available for you to view 15 minutes after installation.

All information at a glance

SMIGHT Grid2 brochure

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