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The SMIGHT IQ Copilot: Efficient load management in accordance with §14a EnWG

19. February 2024

At E-world energy & water (20.-22.2.2024), SMIGHT GmbH will be presenting the SMIGHT IQ Copilot: a web-based application that expands SMIGHT’s range of services to include the mapping of requirements in accordance with §14a EnWG. The SMIGHT IQ Copilot offers small and medium-sized distribution grid operators in particular the opportunity to identify and manage bottlenecks in the low-voltage grid.

With the increasing number of consumers such as wallboxes and heat pumps, grid operators must expect temporary bottlenecks in their low-voltage grids in future. The new regulation in Section 14a EnWG enables distribution grid operators to prevent actual overloads by dimming consumers for short periods.

SMIGHT IQ Copilot as a supplement to the SMIGHT IQ Cockpit

Distribution grid operators already have the option of detecting emerging bottlenecks on outgoing cables by recording measured values that are accurate to the minute. The proven retrofit measurement solution SMIGHT Grid2 already provides data from over 3,500 local network substations and 25,000 low-voltage outgoing circuits. In the SMIGHT IQ Cockpit, the values from local grid stations and cable distributors are processed in such a way that critical conditions and developments in the grid are immediately visible. This is precisely where the SMIGHT IQ Copilot comes in and offers the option of solving highly critical conditions by temporarily dimming.

“However, the best intervention according to §14a is still the one that doesn’t take place in the first place,” explains Oliver Deuschle, Managing Director of SMIGHT. “With our solution, we create the necessary transparency for grid operators to react before the grid reaches a critical state. If action is unavoidable, we offer a pragmatic way to do this with the SMIGHT IQ Copilot: for the first time without introducing a complex digital grid model and expensive software.”

In the intuitive user interface, grid operators can activate the co-pilot function for individual low-voltage outgoing circuits with a single click. A list of grid locations can be imported and assigned to the affected grid line via a map view. Under the “preventive control” specifications, time windows with particularly high utilization can be selected and dimming of the connected controllable loads can be planned, executed and documented. This process can be automated step by step so that the system can perform fully automatic, “dynamic control” when required.

“Our aim is to ensure that the digitalization of the distribution grid can be implemented pragmatically for our customers,” emphasizes Oliver Deuschle. “Unfortunately, there are currently hardly any solutions on the market that enable distribution grid operators to gradually move towards a smart grid. We will close this gap with the SMIGHT IQ Copilot.”

The solution presented will be piloted with the first grid operators in the coming months. It is aimed in particular at small and medium-sized distribution grid operators, for whom the constantly growing demands on digital processes and systems are associated with major challenges. The SMIGHT IQ Copilot enables a fast and efficient implementation that builds on the existing system landscape – without the need for a major overhaul. At the same time, the solution gives network operators time to push ahead with digitalization and the development of digital models and systems in the long term.

SMIGHT GmbH is organizing a webinar on 14.3.2024 at 11 a.m. entitled “SMIGHT IQ Copilot – Load management according to §14a EnWG -“. Registration via: