Bright prospects for cities and communities

8. January 2020

The cooperation partners Hess, SMIGHT and Theben will present Smart City solutions with real added value at the E-world from February 11 to 13, 2020 in Essen, Germany. The multifunctional luminaire RENO ELEMENTS from Hess is complemented by a contrast sensor from Theben. This sensor detects objects in predefined zones. The data obtained is processed using an IoT platform from SMIGHT, enabling cities and local authorities to derive measures, e. g. for intelligent traffic and parking management.

Today, municipal outdoor lighting is the backbone of a smart city. This is why Hess, SMIGHT and Theben – all based in Baden-Württemberg – pool their expertise and present Smart City solutions with real added value.

Comfortable, digital, intelligent

Speakers, external power supply, WiFi hotspot or a charging station for electric cars – the clear and minimalist luminaire RENO ELEMENTS can accommodate many additional functional components. A display not only shows the charging status but also relevant information for city marketing, such as distance to tourist attractions or information on public transport. The 4 to 6 meter high luminaire is equipped with a contrast sensor and a weather station from Theben. With this addition, RENO ELEMENTS makes life in urban areas even more comfortable and attractive. Cities and communities are offered new opportunities to expand citizen services, to increase the attractiveness of city centres and to improve safety.

Record data anonymously, provide concrete information

The contrast sensor detects objects in predefined zones and can thus differentiate e. g. between free or occupied parking spaces. In compliance with data protection regulations, the sensor transmits whether the selected area – a restricted area, a parking space or similar – is occupied. This information is processed by an in-house developed IoT platform from SMIGHT, a business unit of EnBW Baden-Württemberg AG. The platform currently collects, stores and aggregates over 350 million data records from 1,500 devices. Via the SMIGHT IQ web portal, local authorities receive meaningful statistics from which a wide range of added values can be derived. For example, drivers can be guided quickly and conveniently to free parking spaces. Traffic runs more smoothly and traffic jams in city centres can be reduced.

More safety, more comfort

Cities and communities also benefit in terms of safety: If the contrast sensor detects a parking offender, e. g. in a fire brigade access road, the driver can be alerted by a “flashing” RENO ELEMENTS. If there is no reaction, the public order office can be informed by e-mail or SMS. Such notifications can be conveniently defined via the SMIGHT IoT platform. The Theben weather station also provides important information about the current weather conditions: Rain, temperature, wind speed and brightness can be recorded and retrieved. Thus, e. g. winter road services can be deployed in a targeted and efficient manner. But also design and functional elements such as fountains can be quickly and safely controlled centrally and, e. g. switched off if wind speeds are too high.

For more information you can visit the booths of Theben (hall 2, booth 2-516) and SMIGHT (hall 5, booth 5-306) at E-world energy & water in Essen, Germany.

Note: This is a press release concerning a product, we do not offer any more. We hold this content available to make our history transparent. The grid digitalization is now our main focus.